Mars Lakeview Arena

Mars Lakeview Arena is a privately owned and operated ice skating arena that has served the Northland for all of it’s hockey and figure skating needs since November of 1999. Quality ice, unobstructed viewing, a comfortable, spacious environment, timely facility upgrades, and exceptional customer service have been the ingredients for a positive customer experience. Mars Lakeview Arena has operated as a self-reliant business for 18 years. Independent from city, school district, or youth hockey association funds.

Mars Lakeview Arena would like to sincerely thank all of its customers and sponsors for making all of this possible and keeping us a leader in the sports and recreation industry!

Great News!

Mars Lakeview Arena was recently (November 2016) the proud recipient of the James Metzen Mighty Ducks Grant in the amount of $150,000! Monies were allocated towards the following three items…

New Eco-Friendly Refrigerants

Conversion of our plant to accommodate new eco-friendly refrigerants- thereby getting rid of the old R-22.

New Dehumidification System

A brand-new state of the art dehumidification system was installed in April of 2017 resulting in dry, clean, safe air during those humid summer months. The dehumidification system allows for even better ice and will preserve the buildings infrastructure for many years to come!

New Olympia Resurfacer!

Conversion to a brand new Electric Olympia Ice Resurfacer.

These significant upgrades demonstrate a commitment to clean air and places our facility “way ahead of the curve” with environmental regulations that many arenas around the state are currently facing.


Steve Ruud
Arena Manager

Julie Mattson
Office Manager

Joe Ulvi

Matt Klang

Willy Basill

Rink Attendants

Frank Andrews

Facilities Operations

Dave Cook
Public Address Announcer

Julie Mattson
Concessions Manager

Ron Macmillan

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Contact Mars Lakeview at: 218-722-4455 if you would like more information or would like to start your own league.

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